the brand


SAKÉ has collaborated with local artisans from different parts of the world to create unique pieces for our cultural collection which includes women's clothing, jewelry and bags.

We are firmly committed to fair trade and sustainability in all stages of design, production and distribution.

our knits


SAKÉ works with Weavers Associations from Peru. Talented artisans produce our knitted line using alpaca wool and native cotton.

We use two colouring methods - either we retain the original color of the fiber or we use naturally made mineral and vegetable dyes. All processes are done entirely by hand and techniques are centuries old.

our bags


We have a collection that consists of unique pieces made with antique textiles and fabrics from all around the world. We also develop our in house design textiles using the traditional practice known as waist weaving. One textile can take a artisan up to 15 days to complete because of the intricate and detail handwork involved.

Our design process includes the artisan’s own interpretation of sketched versions of forms and drawings. We incorporate non-traditional materials but always attempt to stay close to the techniques.

SAKÉ combines textiles with an eco-leather that is tanned without chrome and dyed naturally. This is how we create new versions of artisan products which are unique hand made pieces.

The fruit of this process is a collection that is truly like no other.

our bags


A team of talented artisans creates our jewelry using Pre-Hispanic and ancient techniques. All pieces are hand made and each jewel is carefully knitted in its own metal.

We have pieces made from gold, silver and bronze with precious stones. Just as with our textiles and bags, the methods involved in the production of our jewelry are labor intensive and completely hands-on.

The results show a passion for creation that all of SAKÉ´s artisans share.